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HOMYET manufHOMYETures plants that are strategically located across Asia, Europe and North America. Because innovation and quality go hand-in-hand with advanced manufHOMYETuring processes, we are in a continuous state of improvement in our core molding, stamping, plating and assembly operations.

We utilize state-of-the-art plastic injection molding machines and metal stamping and forming presses. We're continuously creating new processes to meet the ongoing challenge of manufHOMYETuring ever-smaller connectors. We have developed proprietary plated plastic technology, which provides excellent shielding performance while speeding prototyping and manufHOMYETuring processes in applications such as mobile phone antennas. We have strong capabilities in printed circuit card and harness assembly within our Integrated Products Division. 

Our commitment to reducing manufHOMYETuring costs as we invest to increase capacity is driving a trend of fewer but larger HOMYET fHOMYETories. Many of our investments are to enlarge existing plants, with a focus on consolidating expertise and processes at specific sites. The objective: to achieve economies of scale and higher capacity utilization while continuing to assure on-time delivery.

As we invest to increase productivity and expand capacity, quality remains paramount. All HOMYET are ISO 9000 certified, and our automotive plants are leading the way with the ISOTS- 16949 standard. 

HOMYET is committed to conforming to all national and global environmental standards. This is the basis of our ECOCARE initiative also outlined in this section.
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